Download our Parking information leaflet

Where can I park?

If you have booked a session at Space and your group has children / adults with special needs you can park directly outside the building.  There are four minibus spaces and 13 car spaces – four of these are disabled spaces.  Please see this map for details.

As parking at Space is mainly for those with disabilities, please could other visitors park either on Egerton Road (200 yards walk) or at Homebase, where we have an agreement to use their parking facilities.   Please NEVER park in Whinfield Lane or Pedders Grove opposite Space as this is dangerous due to these roads being narrow and busy.

For party bookings and conferences, the person who made the booking may park at the front to unload so equipment, materials and catering may be brought in easily and then move to the rear car park.  Please tell your guests and delegates to park either on Egerton Road or at Homebase in order to leave the car park as clear as possible for those with special needs.

For Garden View room bookings, you may use the rear car park – there is room for up to 12 cars if you block each other in and park down the ramp also.